Window Coverings

Window covering gives each home and office a final touch. Blinds manage the sunlight as well given an elegant touch to the space. Delta Interiors being one of the pioneers in manufacturing in all kinds of manual and motorized blinds.  Kindly browse our window coverings category to view different type of blinds.


Wall Coverings

Using wall coverings rather than paint is the mainly adopted from the european countries. Wallpapers are in infinite designs and colours and the best part is its hassle free installation. Kindly get in touch with us to view the physical catalog.



Awnings / Canopies

Awnings and Canopies are used to manage sunlight outdoors and for recreational purpose. There are different kinds of awnings and shapes depending on the purpose. Kindly go through our products category to browse.


Sun Control Films

Sun control films, as the names says it all is used to manages sunlight for eg, in cars. It is also be used for privacy with the different kinds.


Vinyl Flooring

Vnyl Flooring is the replacement of the old style tiles. It gives an elegant look same like an wooden flooring. It can be applied quickly without any hassle and each pieces can be replaceable any time.


Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is widely used because for its optimum utilisation of every corner space in the kitchen. Alongside, its hassle free and quick installation as compared to the conventional kitchen. Delta Interiors has specialized in modular kitchen and wardrobe since 15 years.


Kindly contact us for viewing the samples